Technology Consulting

At john clements consulting we seek long term relationships with our clients.  We recognize that you are not just seeking a software solution, but a business partner.

Our experience will help to ensure that you never again:-

  • implement new technologies that do not live up to your expectations.
  • find out down the road you cannot rely on the information generated by a new technology
  • spend hours gathering entering information already in an existing system.
  • have everyone doing their "own thing."

Data and Procedure Review

We recommend that you take the time to raise the standard and expectations of your department.  Performing a data, workflow and budget review once per year and setting measurable quarterly goals will set a higher standard for your department be it real estate, construction or facilities.

Our data review focuses on the completeness and accuracy of the data and which data, if updated could be used for better decision making.

Our procedures review focuses on make work actions that could be streamlined or eliminated.  How are problems and issues documented and closed; is this information shared, can we learn from the experience.  Particular attention is given to the flow for approving invoices and can that procedure be streamlined.

Software Selection and Database Design

We offer expertise in evaluating requirements, resources, budget and options to enable you to select and implement the right solution for your portfolio.  We evaluate not only system functionality and technical specifications, but also hardware requirements, documentation, training and follow up support.

Our experience and in-depth knowledge of numerous facilities, construction and accounting products will ensure that your selection and database design design takes full advantage of the product's features.  And, most importantly, you will not be required to make major design changes halfway down the road.

We will work with you to establish methods and procedures for maintaining the integrity of the data, and will assist you in developing in-house user guides outlining procedures for each business process.

Data Conversion

The more accurately data can be converted from existing systems the better.  We will work with you to determine the feasibility and economic viability of converting your existing data to a new system, by examining the accuracy of the information and current/future benefits from tracking individual elements.

Report Writing

Our report writing experts have substantial experience with a multitude of products serving the facilities, construction and retail sectors.  We can assist you with modifying existing reports or creating new reports. replica watches uk - panerai replica sale  

We also offer in-house MS Access report writing seminars upon request.